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Where oral care meets self-care.

Meet Swish, a full-service dental clinic. Now open in Bridgeland!

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A rinsing station at Swish Oral Care.
The front desk at Swish oral care featuring a white neon Swish logo sign, wood panelled walls and a white desk.

Why Switch to Swish?

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    No Shame in Our Game

    Here for a good time, not a long time. Enjoy a shame-free, super seamless appointment, powered by the latest in dental technology and a rockstar team.

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    Tailored to Your Tastes

    Hot towels, noise canceling headphones, Phil & Sebastian coffee and much more. With so many amenities to choose from, you might just forget you're at the dentist.

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    Ballin' On A Budget

    Premium perks are standard at Swish. With service pricing set by the ADA, direct billing for insurance, and flexible payment plans, you can be a little extra at no extra cost.

Our Clinic

The front desk at Swish oral care featuring a white neon Swish logo sign, wood panelled walls and a white desk.
An examination room at Swish Oral Care. Swish office with neon sign that says "Of Course I Floss Daily".

Our Team

The key to great care? Our people.

At Swish, our clinic team members are as smart and skilled as they are kind. Get to know them.

Dr. Shlah and Jaelyn Stenhouse sitting under a neon Swish logo sign and Swish Oral Care.
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Dr. Shlah and Jaelyn Stenhouse sitting under a neon Swish logo sign and Swish Oral Care.

Our Services

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From Essential Dentistry to Emergency Dental Services, Swish is well-versed in all things oral care.

  • The Essentials

    A Comprehensive Dental Exam, Cleaning, 3D Wellness Scans, X-Rays, Complimentary Oral Cancer Screening, and Free Whitening. Regular check-ups stop serious issues before they start and maximize your health as a whole.

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  • Kids Dentistry

    Raising future dental enthusiasts, one visit at a time.

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  • Dental Work

    Great care comes easy – even for cavities, crowns, root canals and wisdom teeth.

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  • Invisalign

    Starting at $3000

    Curious to know if Invisalign is the right fit for you? We offer scans and consults, as well as flexible financing options.

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  • Injectables

    Yep - we do Botoxβ„’ and Dysportβ„’ here. Discover how neuromodulators can support both form and function in your smile.

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  • Whitening

    Shine bright with options for express whitening, take-home products, and deep cleaning.

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Where form meets function. Enhance your smile with veneers, cosmetic bonding, implant crowns, and more.

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  • Emergencies

    Broken or chipped tooth? Extreme toothaches? Abscesses? Say no more. Call us and we'll take care of it ASAP.

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  • Swish Fresh 5

    Flat rate $303

    A flat rate version of our Essential 5 services, with cavity detecting x-rays and two units of scaling.

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The Fresh Press

News you can really sink your teeth into from the Swishers.

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Meet Marielle

I absolutely love educating my patients about oral health. Showing a patient their before and after photos is so rewarding – it feels so good to see them take what they’ve learned, put it into practice...

Are Cavities Genetic?

While many believe cavities to be caused by poor oral hygiene and an abundance of sugary foods and drinks, some question if their susceptibility to developing cavities can be genetic - passed down from parents or other family members.

A woman holding her mouth in pain.

What Are Some Warning Signs of Gum Disease?

Gum diseases refer to a group of conditions that affect the tissues and bones supporting teeth. These issues usually develop due to bacteria buildup in the mouth, leading to inflammation and infection in the gums.

A woman brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Should I Invest in an Electric Toothbrush?

You may have been debating whether investing in an electric toothbrush is worth it or not. With their increasing popularity, it's easy to get caught up in the hype. But is an electric toothbrush really better than a traditional manual toothbrush? Let's find out.

A model tooth next to a bag of dental tools.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and it's essential to know what steps to take when they do.

Maegan Jones, Registered Dental Hygienist at Swish Oral Care

Meet Maegan

We’re thrilled to officially welcome Maegan, Registered Dental Hygienist, to our team. Before landing in YYC, Maegan spent time in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Toronto (where she graduated from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene...

Swish Oral Care and Centre For Newcomers Winter Clothing Drive December 9 - 22, 2022.

Support the Centre For Newcomers with Swish

Swishmas time is here! Help families in need and enter to win our holiday prize giveaway.

Dr. Zahi Shlah

Meet Dr. Shlah

Dr. Zahi Shlah is a General Dentist and Clinic Lead at Swish. He loves to travel and even lived in three different countries throughout his academic career (hello, Mr. Worldwide).

Swish office with neon sign that says "Of Course I Floss Daily".

Meet Swish

Hey Calgary! Nice to meet you - we're Swish, and we're so happy you're here. We recently set up shop in Bridgeland's General Block and have been welcoming you in every day since.