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A rinsing station at Swish Oral Care.
The front desk at Swish oral care featuring a white neon Swish logo sign, wood panelled walls and a white desk.

Swish is a dental clinic where oral care meets self-care.

When it comes to your health, oral care is an integral piece of the puzzle. But sometimes, the connection isn't exactly clear. Factor in confusing costs, uncomfortable spaces, and sharp tools, and well… thank you, next. We get it.

Why Switch to Swish?

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    No Shame in Our Game

    Here for a good time, not a long time. Enjoy a shame-free, super seamless appointment, powered by the latest in dental technology and a rockstar team.

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    Tailored to Your Tastes

    Hot towels, noise canceling headphones, Phil & Sebastian coffee and much more. With so many amenities to choose from, you might just forget you're at the dentist.

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    Ballin' On A Budget

    Premium perks are standard at Swish. With service pricing set by the ADA, direct billing for insurance, and flexible payment plans, you can be a little extra at no extra cost.

A plant in front the windows at Swish Oral Care office.
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Q: Who's the freshest of them all?

A: Future you. We've invested in the latest in dental technology to make sure you receive the most comfortable, comprehensive care possible. Plus, we've partnered with award-winning designer Sarah Ward Interiors to create a space that taps into and delights your senses. All the luxury of a visit to the spa (hot towels included) with the β€œbonus” of super clean, super healthy teeth.

Swish office with neon sign that says "Of Course I Floss Daily".
The Swish Bar featuring products by Bruush, Marvis, and a mirror with lettering on it reading: 'So fresh'n so clean. Hashtag SwishSelfie.'
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You can go with this, or you can go with that

Netflix or Disney+? Podcasts or Playlists? Love to chat with your dentist? Hey – we're all ears. The choice is yours (or your little one's). Direct billing and flexible payment options make it easy to get in and out in no time. But don't forget to stop at the Swish Bar to fill your At-Home Care Kit with brands like Bruush and Marvis, and a complimentary gift from one of our General Block Neighbours, Village Ice Cream, Phil & Sebastian, and UNA Pizza. #TreatYourself.

Our Team

The key to great care? Our people.

At Swish, our clinic team members are as smart and skilled as they are kind. Get to know them.

What's it like to work at Swish?

We take great care of our people so they can deliver the best care to our patients. As a locally-owned clinic, our culture is progressive, inclusive, professional, and kind, not corporate. Our office is fast-paced, fun, and welcoming to all – the kind of place that our team and patients actually look forward to visiting. To sum it all up, we love where we work. We think you will too.

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Join Us

Dr. Zahi Shlah


Dr. Zahi Shlah is a General Dentist and the Clinic Lead at Swish. Dr. Shlah loves to travel and lived in three different countries throughout his academic career. Fun fact: after completing his Bachelor of Sciences...


Dr. Zahi Shlah

Say hello to Dr. Shlah

Dr. Zahi Shlah, Dentist at Swish Oral Care

Dr. Zahi Shlah is a General Dentist and the Clinic Lead at Swish. Dr. Shlah loves to travel and lived in three different countries throughout his academic career. From supporting his team to connecting with patients, Dr. Shlah has created a culture of genuine care at Swish. When he’s not at the clinic, you can find him hiking, reading, or unwinding on the couch with sports, his favorite TV shows, or the newest movie releases.


Maegan Jones

Meet Maegan!

Maegan Jones, Registered Dental Hygienist at Swish Oral Care

Maegan is a Registered Dental Hygienist here at Swish! She was born in Calgary but has lived in Kelowna, Vancouver and Toronto. She graduated from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene with high honours. Before becoming a Hygienist, Maegan graduated from SAIT’s dental assisting program. She has worked as a chair-side assistant and as an orthodontic auxiliary. She is now on the roster of dental Hygienists authorized to perform Invisalign procedures. Maegan strives to provide comfortable preventive oral health care and feels it is imperative to provide judgement-free treatment. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with family and friends and training her rescue dog, Winnie!


Aliyah Mae Datul

Say hello to Aliyah!

Aliyah, Dental Administrator at Swish Oral Care.

Aliyah is the Dental Administrator at Swish - and she loves it! Aliyah’s career in healthcare began in 2017, starting out in optometry and eventually transitioning into dentistry. At Swish, she finds joy in meeting new people and providing accessible dental care education. When she's not dominating video games or binging movies, Aliyah loves spending time with her partner and her furry friends. You may find her checking out all the yummy restaurants Calgary has to offer!


Swish is an oral care clinic located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bridgeland. We pride ourselves on providing professional and complete dentistry at a locally-owned, Calgary-based clinic.

At Swish dental exams are performed by our dentist (not a hygienist). We also provide a range of dental services, including thorough cleanings (aka. scaling); Bitewing X-Rays, Periapical X-Rays, and Panoramic X-Rays; Fillings and Anti-Cavity Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Root Canals, Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Extractions, Sedation Dentistry, Bone Grafts, TMJ, Full-Mouth Restoration Pathology, Enamel Shaping, Dental Bonding and Emergency Dental Treatments (such as broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, toothaches, and more).

If price is barrier for you to access dental care, we are also pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment plans through PayBright. This allows you to receive treatment and pay off your bill over an extended period of time at no additional cost. We also recommend checking out our Fresh 5 option.

Yes! We are able to provide convenient, direct billing for most major insurance providers.

Booking online is a breeze. No requests or referrals needed. Click here to get started. Prefer to talk it over? Give us a call at 825-540-7183.

Not at all! We make switching seamless. Simply send us your former clinic and our team will take care of transferring your history over. There's no transfer fees or hidden charges.