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Meet Dr. Shlah

Dr. Zahi Shlah is a General Dentist and the Clinic Lead at Swish. He loves to travel and even lived in three different countries throughout his academic career (hello, Mr. Worldwide).

Dr. Zahi Shlah

Fun fact: after completing his Bachelor of Sciences at the University of Calgary, Dr. Shlah travelled to the land down unda (aka. The University of Melbourne, Australia) for his Doctor of Dental Surgery, and would later go on to sit on the board of the Australian Dental Association.

What inspired you to get into dentistry?

In my grade 2 yearbook, they asked the classic question β€œwhat do you want to be when you grow up?” Little me responded with, β€œI want to be a dentist!” Seriously, what 7 year old wants to be a dentist? None. I've come to the conclusion that my parents brainwashed me into becoming a dentist at a young age, but I thank them every day for it.

Doctor Shlah stand with others in front of balloons, holding a cake with 'Congrats Team Swish' written on it.

What is your hidden talent?

I can keep a cool head when someone asks me about my horoscope. πŸ˜‰

We hear you like travelling. What's one place on your travel bucket list?

Tokyo, Japan.

What is your favourite place you've travelled to? (Wait for it, this one's a curveball)

The industrial fridge at my friend's house that blended into the cabinets. I was 12. It was absolutely massive and stocked to the brim with snacks. I could've lived there, it was so large.

Today, Dr. Shlah works to continuously elevate the client experience with the latest in industry-leading dental technology. From connecting with clients to attending continuing education courses, Dr. Shlah strives to provide the highest standard of care at Swish.

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