Meet Maegan

We’re thrilled to officially welcome Maegan, Registered Dental Hygienist, to our team. Before landing in YYC, Maegan spent time in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Toronto (where she graduated from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene with high honours.) Maegan joined Swish late last year and has played an integral role, delivering kind, comfortable care to every patient in her chair.⁠ Here’s 5 things you might not know about her!

Maegen standing in front of the Swish sign.

What inspired you to get into dentistry?

As a kid, I visited the dentist more frequently than I care to admit. Despite the frequent trips, I always found the experience enjoyable and eventually pursued a career in dentistry.

What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is... not eating all of the SQUISH gummies at work.

Out of all the places you've lived, which is your favourite?

Favourite place I've lived... I ❀️ Calgary the most. Hands down, the friendliest city!⁠

How do you practice self-care?

By flossing every night of course! πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈβœ¨

Why is oral health important to you?

As a dental hygienist, oral health is so important to me. I'm dedicated to preventing tooth decay, treating gum disease, and screening for oral cancer. Additionally, many illnesses can show early symptoms in the mouth, making oral health crucial for our overall health and well-being.

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