Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Swish?”

Swish is a locally-owned, patient-centred dental practice. Our mission was to take the pain, shame, confusion, and anxiety out of the dentist, increase access to vital oral health care, and deliver an exceptional patient experience from start to finish. Our first clinic, located in Calgary’s vibrant inner-city neighbourhood of Bridgeland, is led by Clinic Director, Dr. Zahi Shlah. For the full story, click here to Meet Swish.

What services does Swish offer?

Swish is a full-service dental clinic that offers a range of dental services, including Dental Exams and Cleanings, Children’s Dentistry, Bitewing X-Rays, Periapical X-Rays, and Panoramic X-Rays, Fillings and Anti-Cavity Treatments, Crowns & Bridges, Root Canals, Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Extractions, Oral Cancer Screening, Sedation Dentistry, Bone Grafts, TMJ Treatment, Botox and Dysport for functional and cosmetic use, Full-Mouth Restoration Pathology, Enamel Shaping, Dental Bonding and Emergency Dental Treatments (such as broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, toothaches, and more). Swish is also a certified Invisalign provider and uses iTero scan technology.

How much are your services?

All of our prices are set according to the Alberta Dental Association Fee Guide. For current fee guide pricing, please visit the ADA Website.

What is included in my dental exam and cleaning?

“The Essentials” is a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning, scaling, polishing, fluoride, x-rays, a 3D Wellness scan, an oral cancer screening, complimentary whitening, and a free Brüush Electric Toothbrush. The final price is variable depending on how many units of time are needed per service. For a full list of services and pricing, please visit the ADA Website.

Do you offer direct billing?

We sure do!

Do I have to pay extra for the patient gifts?

Nope, and this is a big one for us. We want your at-home oral care routine to feel like a self-care routine. It’s a lot easier to keep up healthy habits with fun floss and a really nice toothbrush. There is no extra cost for the extras you receive.

What happens if I don’t confirm my appointment?

We’ve saved you a spot and can’t wait to see you. To make sure that we’re prepped and ready for your arrival, we kindly ask that you confirm your appointment in advance. Confirming is super simple - you’ll receive a reminder via email and text, and if we don’t hear back, our team will also give you a call. However, if we do not receive your confirmation 2 business days before your appointment date, your appointment will be offered to another patient on our waitlist.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We get it - life happens! If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, just let us know. You can reach us by…

  • Email
  • Call
  • Text

We ask that you notify the clinic a minimum of 2 business days before your scheduled appointment day. If you cancel less than 2 business days before your scheduled appointment day or do not show up for your appointment, this will result in a cancellation fee of $100, charged to your card on file.

I cannot afford to visit the dentist. What are my options?

If price is a barrier for you to access dental care, we are also pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment plans through PayBright. This allows you to receive treatment and pay off your bill over an extended period of time at no additional cost. We also recommend checking out our Fresh 5 service.

What’s the difference between “Essentials” and “Fresh 5”?

If finances are a barrier and your oral health concerns are mild to moderate, we may recommend the Fresh 5. The “Fresh 5” is a condensed service available at a flat-rate of $303. You’ll receive a dental exam and cleaning capped at two units (30 minutes) of scaling, up to four bitewing x-rays, a 3D Wellness scan, and complimentary whitening. If your oral health conditions are moderate to severe and you do need additional care, we’ll advise you on a treatment plan to get back on track.

Is it hard to switch dentists?

Not at all! We make switching seamless. Simply send us the contact information for your former clinic and our team will take care of transferring your history over. There's no transfer fees, no hidden charges, and no awkward dentist-breakup phone call.

Are you hiring?

For a full list of currently available positions, please visit our careers page. Don’t see a position available? We’re always looking for people who are passionate about delivering exceptional care. Send us an email at .