The Essentials

Where self-care meets health care. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an integral part of your overall health, full stop. The Essentials help you do just that. You'll receive a Comprehensive Dental Exam (performed by a Dentist), Cleanings (aka. scaling), X-Rays (to prevent serious issues before they start), Teeth Whitening, and a 3D Wellness Scan (to keep an eye on things like oral cancer). Each step is performed with the utmost care for your comfort, totally personalized, and always detailed. You'll leave with that super clean feeling, but also know that deep down your health is taken care of too. Keep up the clean routine at home with some free goods at our Swish Bar and we'll catch up in a few ✌️


What's included in a Dental Exam?

At Swish, our Dental Exams are performed by our Clinic Director, Dr. Zahi Shlah. You'll receive thorough, comprehensive care and a detailed analysis. We also perform Oral Cancer Screening and 3D Wellness Scan of your mouth.

How much does a Dental Exam cost?

Swish follows the Alberta Dental Association & College fee guide. Exam prices are:

  • New Patient Exam: $116.66
  • Routine Exam: $73.85
  • Children's Exam:
    • Baby Teeth Only - $81.82
    • Mix of Baby and Adult Teeth - $111.51
How often do I need to come in for a Dental Exam?

The recommended frequency for a dental exam depends on your personal care needs and overall health history. On average, your dentist may recommend a frequency of every 6, 9, or 12 months.

What's included in a Cleaning? How much does it cost?

The cost of cleaning is patient dependent and charged based on units of time. Cleaning is also known as scaling (you'll see this on your invoice). Each unit of scaling is 15 minutes. Depending on the amount of build up you may require more or less units. Polishing and Fluoride is also recommended during your Cleaning appointment. Pricing is set according to the Alberta Dental Association & College fee guide:

  • Costs:
    • One Unit of Time = $77.21
    • Two Units of Time = $154.42
    • Three Units of Time = $231.63
    • Four Units of Time = $308.84
    • Half Unit of Time = $38.61
    • Polishing - $68.79 (optional)
    • Fluoride - $33.33 (optional)
How often do I need to come in for a Cleaning?

We recommended that patients come in for a minimum of twice per year for Cleanings.

I recently had X-Rays performed at my former dentist - do I need to pay for these again?

Nope! We can easily request to have information from your former dentist transferred over at no additional cost to you.

What's the difference between Bitewing X-Rays, Periapical X-Rays, and Panoramic X-Rays? Why do I need them?

Bitewing X-Rays, Periapical X-Rays, and Panoramic X-Rays each have a distinct function in monitoring your oral health. The need for x-rays will be determined by your dentist and according to your specific health care needs. Pricing for all x-rays is set according to the Alberta Dental Association & College as follows.

Bitewings show the crowns of several upper and lower teeth simultaneously. It is commonly used for cavity detection between teeth, evaluation of bone health and detecting calculus deposits.

  • Cost:
    • Two Bitewings - $54.60
    • Four Bitewings - $100.36
  • Frequency: Recommend Annually or as deemed appropriate by dental professional.

Periapicals (aka PA's) show the entire tooth crown, root and surrounding bone of the teeth. It is commonly used to detect changes in the bone and surrounding tissues, cysts, bone tumors, and abscesses.

  • Cost - $73.10 for 3 images
  • Frequency - Every 2-3 years

Panoramics (aka PANs) show many structures at once including the teeth, bone around the teeth, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and other structures of the face. NOTE: Additional x-rays may be required where fine detail is required such as is provided by periapical and bitewing radiographs.

  • Cost - $95.78
  • Frequency - Every 3-5 years
I cannot afford to pay for an Essential Care cleaning, but I am in need of checkup. How can Swish help?

If price is barrier for you to access additional services, we are also pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment plans. This allows you to receive treatment and pay off your bill over an extended period of time at no additional cost. We also recommend checking out our Fresh 5 option.