The Fresh 5

Flat rate $303

We are on a mission to bring oral care to the masses. On our way there, we spoke to many members of our community about what they liked, loved, and loathed abut the dentist. What we learned? There can be numerous barriers to accessing oral care. Finances shouldn't be one of them. The Fresh 5 is a flat rate option with five must-have treatments, great for anyone who has lapsed in visits to the dentist and is in need of a bit of catching up. If it's been a while, no worries; we'd be honoured to welcome you back with a Dental Exam, Cleaning, X-Rays, a 3D Wellness scan, and bonus: free whitening.


Who is the Fresh 5 package for?

The Swish Fresh 5 Package is open to all! We recommend booking a Fresh 5 appointment if finances are a barrier to accessing care. This is a great option to maintain your oral health for those moments of transition in your life.

What's included in a Fresh 5 appointment?

During the Fresh 5 appointment, you will receive an exam performed by our dentist, up to two units of scaling, up to four bitewing x-rays, a 3D Wellness scan, and free whitening.

What's the difference between Fresh 5 and Essential Care?

Our Fresh 5 package is available at a rate of $303 because it includes two units of scaling and cavity detecting x-rays. During an β€œEssentials” appointment, the number of scaling units may vary based on how many units are needed.

What if I need additional units of cleaning/additional dental work?

Everyone's needs are different. While our Fresh 5 package is capped, based on your dental exam, we will provide you with service recommendations and an at-home care plan to maintain your results. If price is barrier for you to access additional services, we are also pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment plans.