Dental Exams +
Cleanings for Kids

Do you remember what visiting the dentist was like when you were a kid? Because we do. In case you don’t, we’ll refresh your memory. You just got picked up from school and have been sitting in a stuffy office for what feels like a lifetime. The lights are harsh and fluorescent. It smells funny. This thing is there. All kidding aside, those first impressions became core memories; those core memories shaped the way we feel about the dentist and how we care for our teeth. So as dental professionals, parents, and former kids, Swish’s founding team made sure that positive experiences were top of mind when designing the clinic. Our team is friendly, gentle, and kind. The waiting room is bright and airy. We’ve got tons of kid-friendly, parent-approved options to watch on the TV with noise cancelling headphones. And did we mention the Swish Bar? Every visit comes with their choice of fun freebies like quip toothbrushes and watermelon (!) flavoured toothpaste.


What’s included in a Kids Dental Exam?

Like our Adults Dental Exam, Kids Exams are performed by Dr. Zahi Shlah. You’ll receive thorough, comprehensive care, and a detailed analysis. We also perform an Oral Cancer Screening and 3D Wellness Scan of your mouth.

How much does a Dental Exam it cost?

Swish follows the Alberta Dental Association fee guide fee guide. Exam prices are:

  • New Patient Exam: $116.66
  • Routine Exam: $73.85
  • Children’s Exam:
    • Baby Teeth Only - $81.82
    • Mix of Baby and Adult Teeth - $111.51
How often do I need to come in for a Dental Exam?

The recommended frequency for a dental exam depends on your personal care needs and overall health history. On average, your dentist may recommend a frequency of every 6, 9, or 12 months.

What’s included in a Cleaning? How much does it cost?

The cost of cleaning is patient dependent and charged based on units of time. Cleaning is also known as scaling (you’ll see this on your invoice). Each unit of scaling is 15 minutes. Depending on the amount of build up you may require more or less units. Polishing and Fluoride is also recommended during your Cleaning appointment. Pricing is set according to the Alberta Dental Association & College fee guide:

    • One Unit of Time = $77.21
    • Two Units of Time = $154.42
    • Three Units of Time = $231.63
    • Four Units of Time = $308.84
    • Half Unit of Time = $38.61
    • Polishing - $68.79 (optional)
    • Fluoride - $33.33 (optional)